retail space

Island Associates is one of the leading retail property specialists on Long Island. In addition to managing more than 1,500,000 square feet of retail space, Island Associates also markets property for its clients. The list of available property is broken down by county as retail clients are typically targeting specific markets. Should you have a need for space that is not shown on our website, feel free to contact one of our retail specialists who will be more than happy to work with you in order to locate the best site available.

The team of Island Associates professionals are well seasoned in working with a broad range of retail companies in markets such as banking, food service, apparel, home goods, supermarket, child care, drug stores, and variety of dry goods retailers both local and national.

For brands seeking a foothold in the challenging Long Island commercial retail marketplace, Island Associates draws on decades of experience. The firm has represented a number of national brands over the years including Chase, CVS, Family Dollar, Lowe’s and QuickChek.

The Long Island commercial market is very challenging due to its high demand for retail space and strong demographics. Long Island offers one of the lowest retail square footages per capital in the country second only to the outlying boroughs of New York City. This limiting factor although frustrating contributes greatly to the success of retail brands in the market.

While some speak of Long Island as a single market, the truth is that it should be viewed as multiple market segments. Nassau country and Suffolk county are two very different markets. From a commercial retail perspective each has its own benefits. Depending on your target market Island Associates can help located the ideal retail space for you in either county.

The age old cliche about location, location, location stands true for the Long Island commercial real estate market. In order to achieve success a retailer needs to have a careful plan of locations in order to achieve quick brand loyalty and create demand for expansion.